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Hope, Age 27, Partner: Male

Favorite place to have the sexiest:

“I feel many sexy when I’m at the top because we have most of the energy and i enjoy viewing their response based on what I’m doing.”

Favorite position for an orgasm:

“I frequently orgasm whenever I’m on my straight straight back with my feet up by their ears for me(I know he likes it, too) because he gets the deepest that way and it feels the most intense.”

Favorite place for your needs as well as your partner:

“I think many enjoyable is also when I’m at the top in controlling the speed and rhythm because he loves facing me, loves the intimacy, and I love to tease him/pleasure him. In addition love the energy knowing I have to find out him in order to complete yet or keep it going. if I want”

Nina, Age 26, Partner: Feminine

Favorite place to feel the sexiest:

“Having a same-sex partner, the positioning which makes me feel probably the most sexy would certainly need to be face sitting –nothing makes me feel sexier than sitting on someone’s face (besides an innovative new outfit).”

Favorite place for an orgasm:

Favorite position for your needs as well as your partner:

“I’d have actually to express reclined fingering. And undoubtedly, the nice ol “69.” That’s constantly a head to in our bed room. There’s much more we could do compared to stereotypical scissoring.”

Brittany, Age 25, Partner: Male

Favorite place to have the sexiest:

“I feel sexiest whenever I am “on top for the globe.” AKA, reverse cowgirl while wanting to keep your feet right as if you are setting up. This place is amazing, except it does take practice and experience. It creates me feel sexy whenever I bounce or whip around to handle him and also have control that is total. Plus, it seems actually advantageous to the man and seeing the design on their face allows you to wish to carry on! It is noticeable just just how good it seems and that’s why I favor it.”

Favorite place for an orgasm:

“I think it is called the scissor that is stickyit really is, we Googled it). As opposed to missionary, it is a bit more slanted and my feet have reached a criss cross as he is thrusting into the place he will be if it had been fundamental missionary. Setting up with support straight back at my straight back makes for the very best orgasm up/make sure I still look sexy/care about something else because I find it hard to focus on orgasming when I need to hold myself. This place permits the lady to care about by herself and concentrate on her behalf very own orgasm as the guy continues to have complete access and contains choices to do whatever he wants (kiss you, dirty talk, etc.).”

Favorite place for you personally as well as your partner:

“My boyfriend and I also like doggy design in the sofa for the few reasons. The settee permits to get more flexibility as compared to sleep, and then we can maneuver around and make use of the flooring, and there is more variety. The “humping sofa” position seems the greatest for both of us, where he is able to thrust as difficult or soft as he wishes and will stay, kneel and has now choices to switch it. It seems best for the feminine as she will determine comparable things; if she really wants to place more force onto the man behind her, or turn around and get on the straight back or belly. It is similar to a sleep except with an increase of room, more choices, plus it feels more enjoyable and spontaneous.”

Lauren, Age 19, Partner: Male

Favorite place to have the sexiest:

“I definitely feel the absolute most sara jay group sex sexy cycling cowgirl as you can easily see exactly how it really is inside your partner plus it’s therefore worthwhile to see him get crazy. Overall, it certainly makes you feel so excellent about your self, confident, as well as in control!”

Favorite position for a climax:

“ we like missionary you can really look at each other and feel so connected on so many levels because it’s so intimate with your partner and. And undoubtedly, I do not need to do some of the work, and you may kiss one another at precisely the same time!”

Favorite place for you personally as well as your partner:

“Most enjoyable while still maintaining that intimacy you get from holding each other for me and my partner is laying down doggy style (so I’m laying on my stomach, not on my knees) because, again, I don’t have to do much work, but also it feels so great for the both of us. My partner really likes my butt, which will be a big explanation he enjoys that position probably the most.”

Sarah, Age 26, Partner: Male

Favorite place to feel the sexiest:

“Doggy design, because in this place, I’m sure my own body is on point and I also like to view my partner glance at my butt and my straight back!”

Favorite place for an orgasm:

“O position, where I’ve got total control over speed, deepness, rotation, and so I will get precisely what we want.”

Favorite place for you as well as your partner:

“Our favorite is having him at the top where he’s got more control and may raise me personally and go me personally around. That component is enjoyable in my situation –giving him control enables us to hold on tight and claw/scratch, which we find sexy.”

Elizabeth, Age 39, Partner: Male

Favorite place to have the sexiest:

“Honestly, we don’t have a lot of a sexual drive (i did so in my own 20s). But, i’m the absolute most sexy in sleep if i have already been consuming appropriate and exercising. Everyone loves to wax then shower and placed on some panties that are cute. I could do minus the corsets and crazy dressing up –a couple of undies and achieving my makeup and hair done is the way I feel sexy.”

Favorite place for an orgasm:

“On top. It’s basically the only method i am going to orgasm during intercourse, but We additionally like my vibrators and often locate them another good way to obtain an excellent orgasm.”

Favorite place for you personally along with your partner:

“On top, too. We really just have intercourse to please my better half! I had a lot more of a sexual interest within my 20s, whereas now I would personally be totally pleased being abstinent. like we said,”

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